Fury Road

Some say that movies are the operas of the 20th or 21st century, but just how does this work?

Many times I’ve read that Mad Max Fury Road is an “opera of” (push-in a word you want: violence, barbarity, or metallic barbaria of violence 2000). You try to watch the movie trailer to get the point but – Ouch! It hurts!

Movies are a mix of many Arts: sound, music, stories, etc; the “Big Show”… you know? (insert trumpets and horns here please)

Here of course, this expression is also used to say that G. Miller madly pushes the levers much further than what you would usually see in these kinds of films. Some parts are fast, violent, mad, or well…madly, violently, and hysterically fast… so there!

It’s Operatic !

But this movie has another common feature with the opera world.

Critics, opera singers, music lovers, and everyone will say the same thing: opera is a totally extravagant Art. It’s so impossible that it is almost… stupid. You just have to choose any random scene from an opera to see the similarities.

So for example: There’s a lady near a cardboard castle, she has problems, so she sings these problems. LOUDLY!  And there is a man in disguise elsewhere on bended knee , yelling at an indifferent moon – which is merely a lamp in the back of the theater – but he yells of his despair with passion. Impossible!

To truly appreciate opera, you have to accept that it’s a really silly thing. An extravagant extravaganza! You have to pass over the fact that it’s exaggerated, idiotic, and an incredibly dramatic artform, but a tremendous theatrical performance!

And you have to admit Fury Road stands in this category. The evil character is a big, funny, ugly puppet named Immortan, huhu, the ladies are surrealistic top-models in white veils – white veils in a barbarian futuristic desert? Of couuuurse! Plus the story is so simple. We escape, then we come back, then you think about how comical it all is.

So here we are. The audience is in bliss despite the conditions it allows to pass over the craziness of the storyline. Yes, there’s a red guitar guy throwing fire from his instrument. Yes, Furiosa is in fact Charlize Theron playing furious, but once you accept the craziness, the next step is pleasure.

Tool: Think about it when you encounter Puccini, or any other kind of extravagant nonsensical art of any kind : Once you accept the craziness, the next step is pleasure.



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