The weirdelicious shame of loving a part of vulgaire…

OK I’m french. My english is a frenglish, it’s rusty and wobbly, et voilà. Try me, though. I’ll do my best. I promise. If sometimes it’s too bad, just laugh at me or roll you eyes.


Today I bought a bad painting, secondhand, in the street. It’s just… ordinaire. Nothing really surprising in the colors, the texture, the light, nothing. The flowers : no. I just saw it and wanted to take a picture, in the street, for Instagram, when I saw something. My eyebrows moved upstairs, haha. Up.

Climbing Eyebrows Criteria…

Well, I bought it ! 3 € only. Let’s say $3.40. I brought it home and wondered about her expression (Thoughtful because of the past, the future ? Tea’s cold ? A decision to make ?) and the source of the cold expression I find (eyebrows ?) for a long moment.

Since this I wonder. In the different worlds of Art : la musique, les films, l’architecture, what’s happening when we are touched and moved by a single, a tiny element of a bothering piece of… ok, Art ? A phrase in a mendelssohn sonata ? A ray of light in an ugly church ? A miracle scene in a B-movie ? A few words of magic in a bad poem ?

Lever : What is the surprise here ? How does it work in our brain ? What kind of struggle do we fight ?

Tool : What if we choose méthodiquement to DIG into a hangar of pigshit (well, with good protection), just to find gold nuggets ?

Well, in fact : it’s a NO from me. Let’s keep it random. Let’s find gold nuggets without digging into dirt. Mental health’s important. Bim.



One thought on “The weirdelicious shame of loving a part of vulgaire…

  1. Christy September 13, 2015 / 7:36 pm

    ahhh Monsieur ! I enjoyed reading this very much. And I also find the painting fascinating. You got one hell of a bargain! Très bien!


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