Get some help from an ignorant !

Créativité ! Yeyyyy ! You go ! But sometimes…

You’re an artist and you’re stuck, you’re a writer and your page is very very white, you’re an architect and your next house looks like a shoe, your painting is a croûte; you’re a musician, and, well, “too much reverb, Bob”. Blo-qué.

You tried all levers you know about. You had a break, you drank coffee, or wine. Vous choisissez un bouquin au hasard, or click here and there on the web : nothing. You can run, too. Or let go for a day.

But you maybe didn’t think about getting some help from an ignorant friend.

Tool : Call him. Someone you know – but not to close, no family, no “best friend”. It’s hard : you’ll have to EXPLAIN your difficulties. He is naive, ingenuous, innocent. Knows nothing.


Call him. Call her. Offer a tea, or a beer, depends. Explain why it’s difficult, and how you’re stuck. Tell the stucktale. Bend. Try to show the knot.

Useless ideas will maybe (probablement) blossom. But possibly suddenly the destucking will badaboom. Lightbulbing ! Thanks !! Done !

The simple idea of telling the blocking block to an ignorant can make the job.

You can go, friend. You should go, même.

Au revoir et merci !



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