The Art of “Pause with Seeds”

You are a writer and you’re happy because it’s late in the evening and you just finished a chapter. You’re good !

You can go to bed, you’re tired after all ! You deserve it, and so on…

But don’t.

Just go on, for a few minutes. Add ideas, little words, drop them on the page. Draw something. More : write shite here, and there. Anything.

The day after, you will find all these. Oh ! You will trash most of it, of course. BUT, maybe, you will find one seed, or two. Seeds for the mind.

It will (maybe) give you a sparkle, une étincelle, a little little flame, with maybe you could start a big new fire.

But there is more. Seeds were in your head TOO. Your brain worked and played with them all night long. Who knows ? Maybe you’ll find a whole tree in your head in the morning, full of fruits, et voilà pour vous !

Tool : Think about the “Pause with Seeds” concept. Where could you use it ? Writing ? Creativity ? Music ?

#tulip #monochromatic #abstraction
#tulip #monochromatic #abstraction


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