No One is a Prince in Every Kingdom

Once upon a time…

…a Prince, in the kingdom of spirit, reaches into his pockets, in search of a penny.

I found this little sentence one day in a book from Ernst Jünger. It seemed to explain that you can be a Prince “here”, and at the same time you can be nothing outside of this place.

Maybe you are an ace for climbing moutains, but you don’t know how to communicate with the opposite sex. Maybe you know how to make money but you’re an idiot in architecture. Maybe you are a great composer, but you know nothing about baking cakes, or organising a wedding party. No one is a prince everywhere !

Dial : Where are you a Prince ? Where are you not ? Do you realise it can be embarrassing for other people to watch you, when you’re out of your Kingdom Territory ?

Meta-Dial : OK I’m french. My english is a frenglish, it’s rusty and wobbly, et voilà. Try me, though. I’ll do my best. I promise. If sometimes it’s too bad, just laugh at me or roll your eyes.

Oh. I should probably kill this blog…

#windturbine #windturbines #sky #clouds
#windturbine #windturbines #sky #clouds


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