“Honor thy Error as a Hidden Intention”, and vice versa

…and Vice Versa, really ?

Honor thy Error as a Hidden Intention, is a concept, I suppose, commonly used by artists. As a kid, when I drew a little something, a house and a tree for example, if I accidentaly stained my paper, splash, I would probably use it and draw a bird with it, yeyyy !

Maybe the Universe wanted to help me ?

Honor thy Error as a Hidden Intention, voilà ! I think I read this expression in a Brian Eno interview, who is smart enough to bend the concept and use it as a method, say “sand in oyster” or Oblique Strategies or any another fruitful constraint.

I read, for example, that he was used to make a digital stereo (two tracks) pre-mix of U2 to prevent the group, in studio, to add continuoulsy add ideas and changes. To freezing the process and erase the 16-tracks source is a perfect way to say : “Stop. It’s good now. I just made a tree trunk. Haha”. A way to reframe.

When I play with a concept like this one, I always want to reverse it, to bend it, to break it in two pieces, whateverbim. That could be :

“Honor your Hidden Intentions under an Error” ?

What a strange tool, n’est-ce pas ? I can be a dial too…

Tool : At times, you maybe need to make an error on purpose. Because you know it will trigger a reaction which can be useful for you. Just make sure that reacting people don’t know you are manipulating. But also : Think a little. Maybe they KNOW that you had a hidden agenda, and they hide it from you. Individuals feels the need to maintain a positive self-image, after all…

Dial : What do you do when you find out a hidden agenda ? You dig it up to the open sky, or you shup your mouth, hiding that you know ? Well, I should ask Sun Tzu…


#johnford #foursons #silentmovie #lovers
#johnford #foursons #silentmovie #lovers




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