Illusions and Tricks of “Meta” the buoy

I love meta, I’ve always loved meta. It’s a great tool and I should write many articles to tell the richness of it.

What is meta ? See Wikipedia ! In two seconds : it’s a Greek preposition. I use it here in the strong meaning of “self-reference”. For example, metadata are data about data and a meta-discussion is a discussion about discussions !

It can be an astute trick in Arts. If you don’t have an idea, think meta. When Fellini didn’t have any idea for his next movie, he made one about a… director without any idea at all (it’s “8 1/2” of course).

8 1/2 Trailer

Everything meta is fascinating. A book about books, a film about a film, etc.

Meta can be a buoy, a trick when you lack of something, like in Fellini’s example. I told my daughter one day that, if she had no idea in Art Class, she can “think meta”. It spices things. Draw someone who draws, that’s good ! Astute, that’s all.

But Meta can be toxic at times. I think it can be toxic in love, for example. At one point, you both are not talking easily about life, days, projects or funny things, you just begin to talk about the couple and how it works (or should work). And then you begin to spin !

This spinning begins when you communicate everyday about… how you communicate, how you are together, how everything “should be”. Every couple needs to meta-communicate of course, but not that much. Not constantly.

Meta is useful, but it’s also a trap. Or a symptom.

Tool : Think about meta when you’re lost in creativity. It’s a simple trick. It doesn’t work all the time. But It can unblock you.

Dial : If – in interpersonal communication – you feel that you’re spinning around meta (talking about the system works, talking about how the communication works or should work), move a flag : there’s danger here. Boredom and toxic goals appear. And tragic paradoxes on the “being spontaneous” mode

Lever : Some days, just being aware of meta toxicity is cool – shut it down :

Live, instead of putting words on your life…


Why I’m so fascinated by the Americans…

I am and I will always be fascinated by the Americans.

I have pinned a map of the USA in my bathroom. I wander over it daily. I own books and books about America. Abraham Lincoln. Civil War. History. Daily life. Photographs. Culture. Etc…

We sometimes accuse Americans to be centered on their own country, but I didn’t even know that Boston was near the ocean, and nobody in France have a clue of what happens today in Albuquerque or Phoenix ! So there…

I love Americans because when you talk with them you quickly go to a place when you realise that they all come from Europa (or elsewhere, OK). They’re American but they come from Ireland, Norway, Germany or… France. Bonjour !

I love Americans because they… love the French. I don’t know really why. C’est l’amour ! Because we helped them in their Revolution ? Or maybe because of the food, or the way we take our time, I don’t know. And I think they’re fascinated by the way we talk, the way we use the letter “r” (try to say “ARBRE”, please) : Voilà, enfin, donc, encore, and… Allez !

I love Americans because they live in places I saw in movies (they go to the restaurant in Bodega bay (Hitchcock : The Birds), grow in Kansas (Wizard of Oz), or talk in Manhattan (whatever…)). They invented William Faulkner, Joseph Losey and Saul Leiter. And they saved our French ass in 1944 !

Of course, sometimes we don’t understand them quite well, because of religion, or the guns, or Trump, but “it is what it is”. I love their idioms. When I hear “Shit hits the fan”, I understand it quite well !

I love to learn words like “to elope”, “Intertwined” or “Rattletrap”. I love to learn strange things like “I’m a hop skip and a jump away from”.

Learning a  new language (and getting deeper into it) is a huge pleasure for me. So many times I’ve been helped by Americans about : subtilities, idioms, pronunciation, etc.

Americans, I noticed, have a special way to listen. If you take a breath because you want to talk, they immediatly “stop and listen”, and say “Sorry”, or “Go on”, which is a bit weird at times : we French constantly interrupt each other. Is it rude ?…

The cultural differences between France and America is really interesting to explore. I learned one day that a “dating kiss” is really usual in America, and you can date-try a few guys, no problem. In France, a… hum… a “french kiss” means a lot more. You have an example here or here. Kiss, in France, means exclusive love. Voilà !

Oh, on last thing. In America, if you shake hands with someone, it seems it’s like a Contract written in Gold under some God. In France, when you shake hands after a conversation, it’s more a way to say goodbye and “We’re OK, we’re in peace”. That can be tricky at times !

We like freedom too much of obey some “rules” with the forever color. And if we have to, we… strike !

#kansas #usa #map #frenchtoolbox #wizard #oz
#kansas #usa #map #frenchtoolbox #wizard #oz