A->B, C->D : a Game of Vectors

Imagine you play the cello in an orchestra. But you’re bored, you dream of another instrument, you think you will do it, right ?

Bing : you choose the trumpet ! Your A to B career is done. You begin your C to D career. A new instrument, and more happiness.

As the philosopher says, there are two faces to everything. C to D is new, exciting, it’s a strong decision, a change, it’s challenging ! But C to D can also be too different, more difficult than you thought, it can be a disillusion, it can be TOO challenging ! You blow your trumpet, but you miss the strings of your cello.

The hesitation process is interesting. Going back to the first instrument would be a relief, but you know that you’ll be stuck again, faking happiness. Sticking to the change could be a terrible mistake, though, a failure. Or maybe, if you insist enough, you could, after a while, blossom completely. You would have to wait and insist, maybe ?

What happens, if C->D fails AND A->B 2.0 fails TOO. What do you do ? Play both instruments ? Try C->D 2.0 too ? Nah. Try percussions. It lets off steam.

Or SMILE, because this is the fabric of life in action…



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