Ideas come when your body moves

If you write, if you compose, you always get to moments where you are stuck. The flow of ideas (or how to organise them) stops. Voilà, vous êtes coincé !

I noticed that you can unblock things when you stand up and move your ass from your chair. You go run errands on your feet, you breath and bike, or you can also… wash the dishes !

Your brain is busy with your body, the pressure on your writing lowers, and… bim ! Here you are : ideas begins to flow again. Frames disappear or move. You have new bulbs, new paths, a new structure if you are lucky !

If you drive instead of walking, if you have a dish-washer, hum, just find another thing to do !

Yes, it works for sex, dear.

Tool : Stand up !

PS : For some persons, it works all along. Some guys can’t work when they sit, they lose contact with the world. They have to stand. OK, maybe you should buy a lectern (un lutrin, en français).

#station #xmas #magic #tree #lights

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