IFTT Instagram to WordPress, and the Fear of Loops

I love WordPress and its efficiency. When I post a little article like this one, after reading it over and over with the terrible insecurity of an ESL writer (“Where are the mistakes I don’t see ?”), after adding tags and categories, I admire the automatic post process : the articles goes on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, tadaaa !

I discovered an app on my smartphone called IFTT, If This Then That, which is a great tool  that allows users to create chains of simple tasks. For example : “If I get home, put the Wi-Fi on on my phone”.

So I recently added a task : “If I post a picture on Instagram, post it to WordPress too”. I tested it yesterday and it worked perfectly. Then I thought : “Well, if I take a picture and post it on Instagram, it goes automatically to WordPress… which will post it on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ ?

I checked : yep.

I imagined that in the future we could “add task” to robots in homes. Easy ones like “If it’s wet or dirty under the table take care of it”, but also “if the temperature gets under N degrees, you see I’m not home but my wife is, if it’s around 4 PM and you see she’s a bit sad, ask her if she wants a hot chocolate”, or “When wifey gets home and I’m not, delicately ask her to put off her shoes”. If this, then that.

The last night I had a nightmare about this : If I forgot I added another task for my pictures, like “If I post a picture on Twitter, add it on Instagram”, I would get a loop, an infinite one !

Then what would happen to the world ?

#abstract #flag #symetry #sky #Colorful



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