Venting on paper

Venting on paper is a good trick I got from a friend. It looks like a chamanic exercise, but it works pretty well.

When you have something to say, something to vent, you can find a friend of course, and this could be the subject of another article. You can also vent your anger or your worries to the person who is the SOURCE of all this mess. It’s sometimes necessary, but it can leads to a real fight !

This tool says : write it on paper as fast as you can, then DO NOT re-read it (should I say reread or read over ?), then burn it somewhere. It’s gone.

In fact, it works if you type it on your Macintosh, silly. Write a furious letter to nobody and then, just do not send it, simple as that ! Save it. You can read over, that’s harmless.

Fact is : when you vented on paper (or on your computer), the steam is a bit off your head, you organized your furiosa in words, that’s good. Your brain can breathe a little better. Good to you.

#tower in the #clouds

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