Seed : To Change is To Add, right ?

I like the idea of “seeds for the brain”, for the mind. You just find a good way to say something, or a surprising idea, and you put it into a friend’s mind. This is food for thinkers. I’ll write an article about this very soon. Tonight, the seed is :

To change, it’s to add something. It’s not to chop, or to bend (or twist, who can help me on that ? I’m French, help !). It’s to ADD.

I would love to link this seed to this article today : Why I talk to my exes.

This is what Jeanne Moreau was thinking about her ex-lovers (I translated it, so sorry for the mistakes) :

– You said one day that you would like to have a house with a room for each man you loved. Would it be a big house ?
– A normal house… In fact, it was mainly an image to express my desire of not losing. I hear some people, they say : “Here it is, I rebuilt my life”. I don’t know how one can rebuilt one life, we just go on. Personaly, I don’t like losing sight of someone, beyond desire, beyond sensual passion. The idea of this house, it’s to gather a treasure with all this love, which continues to live in our memories.
(Jeanne Moreau)

It’s a good seed. To change, it’s to add something. Like layers, like rooms in a house. It’s a way to grow up. We grow up, like trees ! New branches. New ways of making love. New ways of thinking. New ways of aggregating thoughts…

Is it true ? If it’s not, why ?

#ferriswheel #lille


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