The Yoknapatawpha Rule

This is not a French Tool, but an American one.

When he was a young writer, William Faulkner was fascinated by France and by planes. He wanted to be a pilot, he wanted to fight the Germans in the war.

One day he understood that, instead of searching inspiration around the world, he should write about the land he knew, his land, the South. So he invented the Yoknapatawpha County “based on, and nearly geographically identical to, Lafayette County, in Mississipi”. From this time, almost everything he wrote happened around this place.

Tool :

The Yoknapatawpha Rule states (or should I say “stipulates”, like “stipule”, in French ?) that you can write your blog with your experience. Seeds are provided by the events of your life. Of course you can dance with concepts and weave with other things. It’s just a tool, a seed provider…

Nietzsche, in another time, said the same thing in a more… grandiloquent style, but that looks good :

Il faut avoir du chaos en soi pour accoucher d’une étoile qui danse

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star




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