Don’t add knots to knots, or why the Key to your dreams is inside you.

This is your face(s) this morning, when you woke up after this OMG dream. And YES, that WAS crazy. The zig-zagging plot, the foolish characters, the peek-a-booing changes. You woke up like that, shaking your head, needing a triple coffee and a good hug.

You can tell this tralala story to your spouse (after the hug). The only result will be the mirroring of these faces : you will see him becoming yellow, then he will looked flushed, then he will hold his chin like this, “hmmm… What Ze Feuque ??!”.

If your husband is not already thinking about what he’ll do today (or ready to grab a useful part of your body to comfort you), he will just say something blank, like, “Waow, you have an interesting dreambox, my love !”, and he will run outside the house to go biking somewhere. Let him go.

If you own a friendly talkative man, he will try, though. “Let’s see… Maybe it means this ? But why is MY mother involved with this mighty red-headed finch ? And what’s this panda statue about ? With a crown ? Really ?”.

Well, he will add questions to your questions, knots to the knots. Bigger eyes you have, now.

But know this (I’m a Dream Guru, as you already know) :

Your brain makes dreams in order to work on your own shit.

It means that probably EVERY element of your dream is about YOU. So if you see a baby running away, it’s probably about denying your inner child. If you see your grandmother, or a neighbour, a kid, an engine, an uncle : do NOT worry why your uncle is in there. Your brain uses the uncle for YOU. What are his qualities ? His flaws ? These are about you, you, and you. Your dream-engine uses what it knows (people and things around), but it doesn’t care. People and Symbols are used to work on you only. Pack the whole thing and make it flat, next to your own skin. Light will come suddenly.

Always interpret your funny dreams like that and they will suddenly make sense.

Voilà ! I’m a Wizard, this is why I know. Smouic.

Thanks for reading !

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