Enemy Tools & Peace Pipes

There are dozens of tools about Power (48 Law of Power, Greene) or the “Art of War” (Sun Tzu, but the 36 Stratagems is better – I’ll tell you soon). My blog is more about little tools for life. So… Let’s talk about your “enemy”.


It’s an old trick that all business guys know : when you have exploited everything against your enemy, work with it ! Nelson Mandela goes further :

If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.

More craftily, if you work/absorb your enemy, you have the possibility to trap it, to watch it, because you’re closer ! There’s something to dig for, here. Your enemy’s is too strong ? Too different ? Too smart ? Open the gates, let him come. Then : hit. Ouch !


It’s very political. It seems that in History (big H to this word, please), you sometimes have to invent an enemy. Look at Iraq and “weapons of mass destruction” after the 9/11. It’s very useful when you have to regroup and feel safe. Invent an enemy.


After all, wars and battles are unpleasant. Sometimes it’s very cool to realise that your enemy was… not an enemy. Then you can go to ONE ! Peace ! Talk, find the links, realise that your enemy wasn’t an enemy at all (after all, you invented it, right ?). Shake hands, talk, weave, smile.

OK. Cheers ! Thanks for reading !

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