“Displacing Concepts” : from #Architecture to #Poetry ?

This tool looks like a game, and it could be a powerful one if you have… “this” kind of brain.

All you have to do is to pick a book with many seeds. Here I chose something about “Great Ideas in Architecture”. You can choose Philosophy, Writing, Cinema, Teaching or Photography.

You then have to pick a few concepts and try to apply them to another discipline, poetry for example.

What could be corridor in poetry ? What about Additive Architecture in movie making ? What could be a grid, or a module, or a base when you write an article ? Pick a tool and use it elsewhere, in a way a movie evolves, or in teaching a class of adults, or on writing your blog.

The number of combinations are amazing. Use the movies concepts on building a training for people in a company. Use linguistics ideas on composing music or thinking about photography. Etc.

Most of the time it will be useless. It can sparkle, though, to a great idea. Watch you steps.

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2j7hkBe

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