#Signs & #Coincidences? Are you serious? #Jung

Bonjour !

As a bookseller I often have to deal with people who struggle with sudden elements, in their life, which force them to think “out of the box”, out of their usual normal mind frontiers…

You are sometimes pushed out of schedules and happy life by really strange sh*t. It can be an accident, a dream, a coincidence.

These kind of events have an effect. It’s like a hand pushing on your chest, saying : “Stop! Look! Think!”.

“Are you serious? Do you think I live in a movie?”. Of course not… We are serious people, aren’t we?

Carl Gustav Jung told the story of two women having tea, talking about a third friend they did not see since ten years. At this moment, the phone rings : it’s her (evidently). Jung says he absolutely doesn’t care about “how it works” : he is interested by the SURPRISE of the ladies. They are floored in a awe. This is interesting.

If you dream of an earthquake which happens for real two days after. If a knife-rest stands up after it fell on the ground and you got a phonecall two seconds later saying your son just broke his leg. If you both friends text each other the exact same combination of emojis at the same second. Your mouth stays open for a moment (close it or you could swallow a fly). You smile, too. Something’s happening, right?

Searching the cause, from Norwegian angels taking care of you to Magic Intention of the Universe, from quantum physics to local Gods, is a lack of time. Useless. It happened, what will you make of it? THAT is important.

I stay and stand with Jung. Anything that looks like a sign, a coincidence, anything that stops my brain like that, makes me decide that I have to think, reconsider, change, watch, examine.

It’s like I Ching : there’s probably no magic here. It’s your choice to make the most of it. Stop, think : “What does that mean?”. We often are like hamsters in a wheel, we roll and roll. These coincidences are opportunities to jump out of the wheel. Stop. Think.

If a “sign” helps you, just say thanks. To… I dunno! And turn the steering wheel.

Bonne journée !

Thanks for reading!

I see #feather s everywhere #balcony #babyfeather


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