Savoir Attendre – Know How to Wait : #indecision is a #decision – #problem

What is “to complain”?

To complain is like :

To proclaim words on an awkwardness caused by the differences between “what we want” and “what we have”.

Inspiration, motivational quotes, self help books and common sense tend to say : move forward, wake up, go on the road, live your life, make choices, be positive and happy, define goals and work on them, go go go !

Of course it does NOT work, and nobody can be happy “on demand”. Here you are again, sad potato. Worse : here you are again, sad potato wanting wanting wanting…

“Savoir Attendre” is the title of a book from François Roustang. It means “Know how to wait”, which already made me smile. Wait : “Wait? Really?”. This book if full of funny tools, unusual ones. It says quite the contrary of other books, it’s why you’re paying attention, right?

It says… not the contrary, but it shows maybe a detour (I should have written this article like “15 different ways to change”, like they do) to change, to find. And yes, it’s maybe a little oriental.

Tools :

  • Accept you’re not OK for a while. You’ll learn a lot from that.
  • Wait
  • Maybe you tried “decisions”. Maybe you were plain wrong. Stop now.
  • Wait
  • Stop thinking endlessly to your “problem”. Stop asking “Why?”.
  • Wait
  • Do not try to be efficient or successfull all the time. Don’t push like a bulldozer.
  • Wait
  • Act without thinking for a while, like a golf player who’s about to hit.
  • Wait
  • Do little things. Turn over rocks. Little gestures.
  • Wait
  • Try casual. Try unusual, even random. Try “what if?”. Breathe. Take your time. Indecision is a decision.
  • Wait
  • Stay ready to find something. Google : “serendipity“. Open your eyes.
  • Wait
  • Enable things to happen. Open your portholes.
  • Wait
  • Be ready to use the Propensity of Things.
  • Wait
  • Don’t think about your “goal”. Begin where/when you are.
  • Wait
  • Little gestures. Something will open. Watch.
  • Ready? You go girl!


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