“Old fools are crazier than Young Fools” or how the quotient Solemn/Casual changes when you grow

Reaching 50 years old, I understood a couple of things, I’d say it’s about a quotient between solemnity and casualness.

This is a fact that when you are 20 years old you are more free about many things, all choices are in front of you, but you are also sooo solemn about plenty of things. For example, you “don’t want to do this because you’d be ridiculous” (growing older, you of course don’t give a f*ck to what other people “think” of your ridiculousness). Your brain in full of mindsets about life, love, jobs, money and rules, learned from your parents (or your rebellion against them, which is the same). Solemn.

Who do you obey when you disobey?

When you grow older, your kids will find you very solemn about things of life, but in the deep you became more and more casual, and for many reasons.

  • You get to know that life is short. Really short.
  • You are tired of being afraid (of what, consequences?).
  • You are more often “happy to dare”.
  • You get less solemn because you realize that we’re all lost souls old fools.
  • You get less solemn because you now know that projects use to shatter on reality.
  • Things about yourself begin to be less “serious” or “important”, because you now know you can decide it’s less serious. You have a lever in your head, and you move it.
  • You have some more whateverness

“Rien ne marche dans ma vie alors pourquoi ne pas faire n’importe quoi ? – Nothing works in my life so why can’t I try anything?”



Tool, Lever, Dial :

  • If you admit this is true, why don’t you try to apply it… now? Hmmm? The lever Solemn/Casual is already active in your head. Use it, or not.
  • Things are not “important” or “serious”, because IT DEPENDS. It depends of what you decide them to be.
  • As it’s a lever, you realize that you always have places where you STAY solemn about yourself. You won’t become entirely unethical, right? You dare, but not too far. Your solemnity is just different. Rarer, but more intense in some places, probably. Some things are, stay, and will stay terribly important. And some elements of your life, some people, some decisions, some drama, all this can not be taken lightly. Ever. Phewww!

Thanks for reading !

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