Stuck? Good : you’re preparing the Revolution!

“Je suis sûr que c’est très bien de se faire soi-même des [17]89 de temps en temps; il y a en nous un tyran qu’il faut savoir exécuter.”

…says Claude Debussy, the French composer. What does that mean? 1789 was the year of the French Revolution. After that, you remember, we cut the King’s head (and the Queen’s too). So he says :

“It’s good to make your own revolution from time to time; inside of us there’s a tyrant that we have to know how to execute.”

Every book, every therapist, every friend (probably), if you feel stuck somewhere in your life, in your love, in your job, will say : MOVE. Go go go, push, change, etc. You know these injunctions by heart. “You should”. Call these people the Yooshoods, OK?

But, hey, silly, if I feel STUCK, it’s precisely BECAUSE I don’t have the energy to move, to change, to push, blablabla. I just CAN’T!

I wrote recently an article about “How to wait”. It’s the moment you can apply it :

Wait. Watch it and know it : you’re stuck. You’re sad? Watch it. Appreciate it. You are afraid, probably. You don’t realize it yet, but the “situation” is charging itself. You’re getting ready inside and you don’t even know it. Watch around you. Open your eyes and wait. Don’t “decide” anything. It’s too early. Watch, though. You are STUCK. It’s awful. Painful. Frightening. You’re almost ready, though. The knots are very tight. Arent’t they? OK. This is it. Now.

A Revolution appears when the situation is like : Nothing else can happen. Waiting is, from this moment, impossible. Something has to happen, and will. It’s a Revolution. A sparkle, and the powder keg explodes. And kings’ head fall in baskets.

It can come from anything :

An accident. A craziness (and you won’t even recognize your soul). A splendid mistake. An explosion. A chance. A coincidence. A crack. A sudden sliding. A meeting. A sparkle. Anything. All in a sudden.

The situation was the tyrant. Or the tyrant was inside you. The guy who kept your prisoner, right? Stuck. The tyrant will be executed, beheaded.

If you hurt someone, just say you’re sorry. You just had to do it. Your sword (you didn’t know you had a sword, right?) just splitchopped the big bag of knots you had in your brain and in your life, beheaded the tyrant. Sszzzzzttt! Done!

Tool : Sometimes, to be stuck is good.

Somehow we just need kill the tyrant we have in your head, or in a situation, with a Revolution. All this because we let the energy charge in the stuckystuck situation. We waited and watched it grow. Suddenly the sword was here. Behead! Done. Voilà. It wasn’t on purpose. We just had to do it. A Revolution is never “decided”. It’s just the moment, it appears, it washes everything. We just let it happen.

It just couldn’t be avoided anymore.

Thanks for reading!


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