#Books we own without reading them


You have too many books, right? You played with the idea of Keeping 100, you offered some of them, you sold a few, you abandoned some on a park bench, etc. Well, you have AGAIN too many books. Books you love. Books you want to read. Books you just bought. Books with seeds.

Some of them contain one idea we know we will have pleasure to explore one day. It’s the purpose of having books like having a toolbox. You will need some in case of joy, change, death, sorrow, divorce, boredom, etc.

In fact, we bibliopaths have books we don’t read, we won’t read. We’re just happy to own them. We just shake hands with one, from time to time : “Ah yes, you’re here! Thank youuu”. Just read a page (or two), it’s like fresh air for the mind. YES, we will read, one day. We will consult. We will smile to know it’s here. We will offer it. We will lend it. Talk about it. Show it. Smell it. Associate it with another one. Write into it. Cry on it. Or smile…

Books we own without reading them. Voilà !

Thanks for reading!




One thought on “#Books we own without reading them

  1. czechmomnyc January 23, 2017 / 3:39 pm

    I am glad I am not alone in this book hoarding life!


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