Jeff Wall, Photographer – #photography #art

Jeff Wall is Canadian. When I met his work, I was… LOST. I couldn’t understand. It’s not strange, or beautiful, or frightening, or well dressed, or anything, it’s… I don’t know je ne sais pas.

Number one quality in Art should be : What’s NEW, here? Pardon my French, but I’m really struggling with Jeff Wall. My eyebrows are climbing crazy. I’m floored, and I don’t even KNOW why!

So you begin to search.

You are amazed but you don’t know why. It’s strange but you don’t know were. It seems genuine but also staged and prepared. It’s beautiful and inhabited, but also fake or a little weird. Uncomfortable but gorgeous too. Stolen, or maybe conceptual?

Watch his work and be prepared with questions, doubts and amazement. What do you see? What does he want? What does he show? Why? It’s suddenly very interesting and complex. Your brain begins to move, to ask, to…

Shouldn’t it be a goal for an Artist?

OK. Just watch :




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