When you learn something… reading a text YOU wrote before – #diary

It’s useful to write (a diary, for example), a for many reasons. One of them is… you can be surprised when you reread your old things. You can get… new ideas! How come?

First because you do not own the same brain since the hour you wrote that. Your focus is different. Your preoccupations have changed. Then, maybe you forgot what you were talking about at this time. It’s like digging in your own brain.


It’s a similar pattern when you reread books and essays you annotated years ago. You can find good old quotes or ideanuggets, but sometimes you are also floored because you find great things BETWEEN your underlined passages : how come did you not notice that befooooore?

These things from the past can bring you seeds and ideas, which at this time were not ready to grow.

It’s maybe, also, like when you check a puzzle you’re on, a way to push a piece, to make it sure it’s well placed…

Tool :

Write a diary, reread your own old books or letters. Harvest! Search for old green boxes in the garage. Emeralds and Pearls!

Thanks et have a nice day!




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