marisharasikoskinen, Instagrammer #photography #Finland

I like to wander on Instagram to discover talents, from amateurs to masters of photography. However, I feel something different when I find an unknown photographer with few followers only. They do their thing, on like their island…

Sometimes you can be lured by a good picture, then a bunch of ordinary ones. But not here…

Marisha Rasi-Koskinen is a writer from Finland. she has something that I love : she knows when it’s interesting to click, feels something about colors, plays with filters with talent, and seems ready for anything : a wall, a silhouette, a mood, a tree, a door, a moment. THAT is precious!


1446509701507472701_18319638521446472235710775254_18319638521217976189755078626_18319638521446550485258687940_18319638521358215560432912091_1831963852#bengtskär #lighthouse1261054717186553237_18319638521289357741224027313_1831963852



2 thoughts on “marisharasikoskinen, Instagrammer #photography #Finland

  1. handnitilobo February 14, 2017 / 3:47 pm

    definitely an interesting read. i usually dont comment. signed Mark Cuban


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