Nuns & Bicycles : Robert Vickrey, American painter

Robert Remsen Vickey (1926-2011). He seems obsessed by nuns, bicycles and children. His main quality for me is Strangeization, (“a way to avoid the boredom of “I’ve seen this” in art… by adding strange things“), like on this first painting above : a nun is running away, towards an intriguing colored fence. When you see this, your eyebrow climbs a little, wondering what’s happening here… That’s exactly the point!

Thanks for reading!

fear© Robert C. Eldred Co., Inc.9b53c9e59e2a8e7c3eb1fc074d0d302d222af764997bf6ac18be4235ae82d048vickrey_locomotive_image_only011588379_1main-qimg-51412ea3dafb4fee859352ccbc2d8af2-c


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