Something is lacking

It’s just a little dial. Something is lacking. And then you ask questions just to pull out things :

  • Where? In your life? In a recipe? In the way you do something? In your job?
  • How much is lacking? From complete change to “just a little thing”…
  • How did you realize? Comparison? Thinking? Someone told you?
  • What can you do? A movement (what kind?)? An inner change? Adding something?

But there are many “shades” of that.

  1. Something is lacking : just add it, and problem solved!
  2. Something is lacking, you know it, but you don’t know what it is lacking. You have to search, to explore and compare.
  3. You have the feeling that something is lacking, but no clue about the nature of it and even if it’s true! It’s called incompleteness.

So what? I don’t know! You maybe just have to let it go!

Thanks for reading!


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