…a stir, a movement, a feeling : where’s your energy?

A stir. This is a very curious word for me. A stir, a movement, a feeling. A rush?

What’s that word, a stir/to stir?

Because yessss, it’s a noun : a movement, a feeling, a rush, a disturbance. And a verb! To mix, to move, affect, provoke, rouse, awaken, evoke.

Ohlalalaaaaa! It’s a mess!

My question here is : what makes us MOVE inside? Qu’est-ce qui nous anime ? Where’s our stir?

I’m pretty sure we all know what is ours. To be famous? To be busy? To care? To create? To survive? To love? To teach?

I think mine is to share.

(well, now I’m not sure any more…)

What is yours? What do you do with it? What do you do if you’re… not able to unfold it? Can a inner stir hide something? A hidden agendastir? A stir of hope? What if a new stir invades you as you grow up? You weave? Make a braid? You change? Can a stir be a mistake?

Thanks for reading!



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