Inner Party – The “Second Pleasure” of the music-lover

Everybody knows the First Pleasure of the classical music lover. You like this or not, that’s all. Pleasure of the music, from the music!

If your curiosity is intact, you will read about the composer and its time.

It’s the beginning of the Second Pleasure. When you explore different versions of the piece, you read about this, you compare, you wonder.

Thanks to YouTube you can pre-explore. Listen Fêtes (festivivities) from Debussy. It’s from Nocturnes. Imagine there’s a party somewhere but you go outside is the night :

By Boulez :


Bernstein goes much faster. Electric festivities !




If, on both examples, you go to the middle of the piece, the party is now far. The lovers are in the night, and another energy unfolds : the pleasure of being alive and enthralled under the stars. Like an inner party, an elation. Then…

Oh, there’s a version with two pianos !


Pleasure is to talk about this with a another hunter. Third pleasure?

Tool : Where could you apply that? How could you enlarge your researches? Change of nature? Change of subtleties?

Thanks for reading!

(for the pleasure of being just beside a party, you could read Sipping Moods)


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