Gleaning in loop : the “Gathering Seashells” Type

Some kids turn over rocks. Some don’t – they play ball, they run and have fun.

Some adults gather shells, others don’t – they are busy, they chat, read a magazine.

At the beach you can tan, sport, think or chat, kite or flirt… or you can gather seashells, see the marvels, compare shapes and colors, like a kid you stayed, somewhere inside…

I realized that my little blog was like a little box of shells. I didn’t invent these “tools”. None of them. It’s a little collection of ideas and concepts, things to try, ways of watching, magnifiers for grains, words, seeds… I gathered from a beach made of books, mainly.

Is the activity of gleaning a meditation? What kind of pleasure is it to compare shells? The classification process? Therefore, working with analogy? Bivalves are bivalves… and so different they are each other, right? Let’s go on gleaning, OK?

What type are you?

#snow #tree #winter

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