“To be sovereign is to choose what will you be overwhelmed with”

“Etre souverain, c’est choisir par quoi on se laisse submerger”

“To be sovereign is to choose what will you be overwhelmed with”

(This is lovely – but bloody hard to translated!)

Sloterdijk is a German philosopher. I’m not a scholar and I don’t understand his work, but I’m awere he is interesting. For example on his Wikipedia I find this :

“Sloterdijk rejects the existence of dualisms—body and soul, subject and object, culture and nature, etc.—since their interactions, “spaces of coexistence”, and common technological advancement create hybrid realities (…) and seek to integrate different components that have been, in his opinion, erroneously considered detached from each other.”

Which is delightful, right?

So when I see his name somewhere, my eyebrow climbs a bit.

Today I found “To be sovereign is to choose what will you be overwhelmed with”, which has the power to plunge me in this bliss made of questions, tools, paradoxes, and a urge desire to talk about this subject with any Kansas girl available.

Here are branches (this is a mind-mapping game without any needs of drawing, you follow me?) :

  • To be sovereign means a lot. It’s to be strong, smart, autonomous : a King.
  • It’s about a choice. You decide what will overwhelm you. You decide where and how and by what you will lose control.
  • There’s a paradox in wanting to be sovereign AND to be overwhelmed.
  • There is, therefore, probably a need to the unknown, to a force which you can’t control.



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