“Attention to the World” Thinker’s Game : Patterns

I had a friend who was able to detect a Duke Ellington track in a few seconds.

“He has a pattern”, she told me – “Even if I’ve never heard the song.”

That’s amazing!

It depends on where you’re thinking, but I will alway admire people who are able to “feel” a pattern. You’re like : “Oh my!” – these “thinker type” people have a certain type of attention to the world with signifies something…

In France we DON’T use this word. Worse : we don’t use it “that” way.

We say : He has a signature.

If it’s about a recurrent behavior, we say “C’est un type de comportement”. If you talk about design, we say “un motif” (like in “a circle pattern”).

The closest thing we say is : signature. But IT IS different. A signature is more like a “way you do things that makes is obvious it’s you”, right?

So I assert that THIS concept of “pattern” is Anglo-Saxon (or maybe protestant?). I learnt this way of patterning behaviors and creativity with America’s culture.

Of course in music I could detect a Brian Eno or a Mike Oldfield piece with patterns, but that’s too easy. In Classical Music, it begins to be more tricky. I listen to the radio and I play with myself : Sibelius or Dvorak? Debussy or Ravel? It’s not the sound any more, it’s not signature, it’s… a way.

The little screams of Michael Jackson, the spluttering drums of Stewart Copeland (The Police), the screens in Brian de Palma‘s movies, the way the sound overlays different scenes in Godard’s movies : all are a signature. You SEE it.

A PATTERN is different, it’s DEEPER, it’s hidden. You have to have a certain use, a certain SKILL to detect a pattern. It is NOT obvious.

In a way, it’s why I wrote an article called “Constantly Random is an Instagram Flaw”. I don’t show my signature, but I know I have patterns, and I know some people feel it – I hope they like it.

My friend of the beginning of this article was like me : she was listening to rock-pop and knew it was USA or UK within SECONDS. They have a pattern, right?

Genesis, John Barry, Gentle Giant, Oasis : they pattern it. But where?

Well, voilà. This need a conversation.

It could begin like

“Are there French patterns?”…

Have a nice day!




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