Are Bloggers Proustians?

We’re all the same, us bloggers. One day we ask ourselves : “WHY do I blog?”

You can read this article about it : Why do you blog?.

…my theory was that you blog because you want to be loved…

But tonight I think about Proust and La Recherche.

In his long suite of books (“In search of the lost time”), the narrator, little by little, realizes that he has to remember, that memory in important, that he has to WRITE… the book we just read.

Clever loop, right?

I’d like to add this paragraph from Wikipedia :

Gilles Deleuze believed that the focus of Proust was not memory and the past but the narrator’s learning the use of “signs” to understand and communicate ultimate reality, thereby becoming an artist. While Proust was bitterly aware of the experience of loss and exclusion—loss of loved ones, loss of affection, friendship and innocent joy, which are dramatized in the novel through recurrent jealousy, betrayal and the death of loved ones—his response to this was that the work of art can recapture the lost and thus save it from destruction, at least in our minds.

(I bolded the bolded…)

Let’s get to my point : Bloggers are Proustians.

If you consistently write and publish, it’s to be loved (that’s OK, dear), but also maybe to… remember.

To remember what? What you’ve been thinking at? What you ARE? Who you’re becoming? To remember that you like to share?

What?? You would blog because… you blog? Just because you feel you have to?

Nope. Maybe you blog to understand WHY you want to blog…

Clever loop. Proustian. QED.


Thanks for reading!


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3 thoughts on “Are Bloggers Proustians?

  1. Rachel McAlpine October 30, 2017 / 10:37 pm

    No no no, I write to think, and that includes blogging. Not to know what I think, but to do some brand new thinking as I write. I also love the blog technology that makes it a splendid searchable database for the author. Then along come all these lovely people who like at least something that I write: what a bonus! (Love, love me do.) As for remembering, I enjoy it when other bloggers remember things — maybe that’s one reason why I read blogs.

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  2. deborahbrasket November 2, 2017 / 2:26 pm

    Yes, love, to feel that connection with like-minded people, also to capture something that must not be forgotten,and to explore, all writing is exploring our own minds and making connections with other minds, learning what we know and think and never knew before laying it down in words. Also Lacan’s, we write to evoke responses. That for me is the key.

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