Imagine a Blog Duel as a double mutual inspiration…

From Quarrel to Joust : Elevation process explained there’s a positive way to discuss. Joust is a game, and it can be a game of words. Between friends, even in a couple!

When you friends are so close that you organize arguments for pleasure #INTJ told how you can invent arguments with a friend to have fun, to learn from each other, etc.

It’s a pattern, see? : duel for fun, to see what’s emerging from it.


Today I imagined a blog, invented by someone else to have a “conversation” with mine. Of course it’s a fantasy. It wouldn’t be really linked. Maybe even not one single other reader would know about it (except the duelist). Knowing that someone somewhere will answer to your articles, will agree, complete them, disagree, fight, split, get inspired or enlarge your work, spilling seeds everywhere (in both camp). Waow!

Double Mutual Inspiration. Conversation without a single contact.


Thanks for reading!




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