Borrowing Small Machines for Thinkers

Yesterday I read a little paragraph of P. Valéry and translated it my way to offer his little “structure seed for thinkers” to my readers. I wrote it fast, casually, pulling it out of the book, without the context. As if I stole a single petal – or a swanny feather – to put it on a paper under a lamp to watch it closely. “Oh, curves! Symbol!”.

Went to bed with my Pléiade of Valéry, finding out that he wrote his 261 notebooks from 1894 to 1945 – 26600 pages written an hour every dawny morning. Thoughts and abstractions (nothing like a “diary”). Thinker thinking, building small tools, pure mental exercises to keep his spirit “sharp and flexible”.

I smiled : he would have loved (like Deleuze with his concepts) people to borrow phrases to build their own thing, or to present them as little machines for thinkers.

Then I read at random page a book about Miles Davis. Found an article about Panthalassa, an LP composed in 1998 by Bill Laswell, who accessed Miles Davis’ original tapes from 1969-1974, cutting them, fixing them, rebuilding music from them. Something in this mood which exists since sampling exists : considering the music heritage like a continuous collective flow you can open and close windows in, helping yourself with convenience…

See me coming? It’s been a smile when I discovered my evening was in the whole shadow of a great ideatree.

Ideas, seeds and tools are everywhere like fruits, and no one piece comes from nowhere. You can even borrow them from yourself (read a letter you wrote two years ago). Seedseeking purposing.

Miles constantly did that with and from other musicians. You can get inspired by an ignorant, or another art. And Valéry was a great reader… It’s a flow.

If one day I learn that one of my little tools was used to make something else, or put a seed in a mind, somewhere on Earth, then I’ll be happy. Plunder it, guys!


Thanks for reading!



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