Can our New Year’s Resolutions become our Best Wishes for others?

Hi everybody! Happy New Year 2018 to my readers and followers!

Since a few years, my best wishes when I meet someone in January was “Health and Prosperity”. Is it OK?

My daughter asked me yesterday about my New Year’s Resolutions (this needs capitals, right?). Nope, I answered. Not one. Not this year! Did you cling to your past ones?

You can google it and find stupid lists, like “get in shape”, “stop procrastinating”, “meet new people”, “earn more money”. Naaah. Won’t do it.

Some of them seem OK though : “Become more organized” – well… I can try!

I like “Reduce stress”, or “Turn your hobby into a career”. I smile with “Be happier”. As if there was a cursor…


This morning I woke up with one good resolution in head : “Think Different“. Out of the lines, said someone I follow on Instagram. Good!

It’s a good seed! It means for me : reduce stress (there are two good principles about that : the second Toltec Agreement, and Marcus Aurelius – here, we have an inner slider), keep writing and split hairs, assimilate contradictions, react less and be more autonomous, explore, take care of people who are important in my life, keep saying NO when needed. And YES if it open doors.

Hmmm. Can I wish that and say that to persons I meet in the next week? No no no no no.

What about their wishes? Is is smart to ask about their resolutions? Is there a difference between resolutions-for-the-new-year people tell you, and their REAL resolutions? What would be a strange resolution? What if you chose a too easy one? An impossible one?

OK : I split hair here. I shup. Thanks for reading!



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