The Hidden Godsend Jubilation

Everybody knows the “Hidden Godsend Jubilation”.

Someone wants revenge on you, wants to punish you, wants to be mean. A manager, family, an enemy, whoever. Acts on this purpose. And well, you’re done…

Bargain! Une aubaine !

But the other one doesn’t know…

  • You can be worried… then find it’s godsend after all
  • You can detect immediately it’s good for you
  • You really don’t care but fake you do, “that’s so awful!”
  • Faint a little, OK?
  • You can be a wise person and accept it, close your eyes with a smile, “so be it” & “Amor Fati”


But you don’t tell, right?

Shut the fluke up. If you are up for a little fun, you can look at the person in the eye, for a strangely long time. Like “Ohhh I will suffer for this you know? … … … … … … …”. Wait at least 30 seconds.

But be silent. Lower your eyes. You’re defeated, right?

Ha ha ha!


Thanks for reading!


Instagram : such a pretty crazy




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