“Generous & Impeccable” – Bach as Standard Meter?

Today I talked with someone about Paul Valéry‘s genius, probably the greatest thinker I’ve ever read. She said to me he was like “the Bach of literature”. Which for me sounds clear : generous & impeccable. And this is true! I agreed…

OK now let’s play accordingly (is it English?).

Take a name from an Art and say it’s the “XXX” of another Art.

  • Who’s the Dario Argento of poetry?
  • Who’s the Stravinsky of literature?
  • The Joyce of music? The Antonioni of painting? The Frank Lloyd Wright of pop music? The Mike Oldfield of photography? Van Gogh of pop music?


See me coming? What can it bring to us? If you choose a “Big Name” of an Art (Rimbaud, Kubrick, Pollock, Doisneau), how does it work? A couple of adjectives? How does it help? The Pollock of poetry, really? What if we took this pattern seriously? Could it trigger a blossoming study?

Tell me…


Thanks for reading!


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