Ben Aronson, “urban scenes” American Painter

I’ve a problem with Ben Aronson. His work always makes me balance like a pendulum, between :

  1. Naah this guy is too dexterous, he paints too much, he trusts too much his talents, it’s crafty knacky laziness, like “I know I’m good, fuck it”.
  2. Ohhh this is so exquisito-gorgeous! Look at this light! Vibrating! We could almost feel the wind and the sun and the shadows and hear the cars. He got the mood and heart of this street!

Therefore I keep watching. His flowers are gorgeous. I admit he “felt” Paris’ streets. I like when he’s attracted to more abstraction. I like this paradox, it’s realistic but not at all : there’s a pendulum with expressionism, a speed, a movement. It’s realistic from afar, but not at all if you look closer…

Thanks for reading!






















The Cityscapes of Ben Aronson



One thought on “Ben Aronson, “urban scenes” American Painter

  1. DebbieBurkeAuthor January 16, 2018 / 11:00 am

    I hear ya; but ultimately I don’t care if he’s arrogantly self-aware—- bottom line is this is luminous, luscious and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! I love the moods and the lighting!!!!

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