Moriyama, Yeste, “Nah won’t go”s & Ironing in Swedish 19th Century

Today I met a pattern. Three times.


I discovered a Spanish photographer named Txema Yeste. I immediately put him in a labelled box : “Eccentric overcoloured top model bullshit Vogue-like”. Nah, won’t go. But I don’t know why, picture by picture I was like “Hey… wait a minute!…”.

Talent. Something else. Something More.


Today was a grey lonely day for me. I went out for errands and met a neighbor in the lift, who told me that tonight she goes to hear a lecture about Swedish ironing in the old times. I laughed (of course), and she did too. “Nah, won’t go”, right? Then I thought about it and left her these words : “If someone makes a lecture about that, there will be probably ideas to find”.

Of course! Plunge or dig in any domain where someone show passion, and find your seeds. There are some. For sure.


Intrigued by Yeste, this afternoon, I read an interview of the man. He said he liked a Japanese photographer called Daido Moriyama. Thus, I google-imaged him. My quick-eyed instinct was grinning (labelled box) : “Sooty disturbing black & white photography”. Nah, won’t go.

But, crap and dang : Talent! Surprises. Good ideas. Gorgeous ideas!


I found two things today :

  1. We should maybe explore a little more fields we are sure we do not like. We just need a little help from an expert, or a little insistence.
  2. I had to search a little to understand and find the common chromosome between Moriyama and Yeste. Intensity/Generosity? I probably need another article to explain it…


Have a great day!








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