To “a stone’s throw” or “60 feet”? – The Safety in Numbers illusion

OK I’m french and I speak english a little. One great activity then is to explore english idioms. I LOVE my Dictionnary of Idioms !

“There’s safety in numbers” is a good simple one : it’s safer for a group of people to do something which could be dangerous for one person alone, voilà !

Evidently, I understood this metaphorically.

In the world of business and companies, managers often think they control and understand what happens because they collected a bunch of numbers.

Unhappily, it’s often the source of misunderstanding. They don’t control. They don’t understand anything.

When you “measure” an activity, you collect numbers, but you lose the main things. You get lines and lines on your computer, but you ignore the mood, the pace, the relations, the tensions, the movements and the hows…

They “evaluate”, and they are ignorant. They give objective, but they don’t understand what’s happening on the ground.

People in offices : give them what they want (numbers), and do your job properly!

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When I was 25 I talked with my friend who was 40 and she said :

“Love? It’s an everyday choice!”

What? At this young age you’re NOT ready at all to hear that, right? You think meeting, magic, bond, “the one”, etc. Choice sounds not romantic enough…

Well it’s a whole subject, you’ll find books and blog articles about that. Married couples can explain. That’s not my point.

Of course, she was right!

When I began to read the letters between Gide and Valéry, two big French intellectuals, I found this idea. These guys were very different, have very little in common, but they found a spot, a territory, and they stayed friends their whole life!

It was not about “good friendship”, best pals and laughing while having beers. It was not magic of eyes and long smiling walks. It was like some work. It was like… a choice.

They used each other.

You know me, I’m constantly flipping through many pages and many books. Today I found a chapter about Sollers and Barthes. Of course : I found the same idea, very clearly exposed : they needed each other, they ate each other twice a month, and they used each other, intensively. One published the other. The other wrote an article to defend his friend. One had more experience, but loved the rocketing ideas of his friend. Etc.


Explicit, and probably untold. Dance of brains. Hands given. Stairs.

I don’t know why. What I understood about love decades ago existed for friendship and I ignored it. Strange…

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“Don’t lose your inner child and stay a child… from time to time, OK?”

– I wanna watch Thor Ragnarok!
– No : tonight it’s Stalker, by Tarkovsky…
– Oh noooooo… Pffff…



“Don’t lose your inner child” seems a splendid advice. The spirit of childhood is almost a superpower!

Everybody understands that : the capacity to marvel, curiosity, a genuine sense of happiness, love of simple things, ability to lose yourself into an activity, gathering ideas like shells…

I hope you kept it. And if you don’t, your own children can show you : you just have to watch them play, together or alone, 100% focused…

“Garder son âme d’enfant” (to keep your child’s soul”)



But there’s a difference between keeping your inner child and… staying a child in your head. Refusing to be an adult. Fleeing responsibilities. Bottle-feeding mainstream teen medias, which makes you an obedient larva…

You’ll be a perfect consumer!



Don’t lose your inner child, AND grow up as an adult, using this spark in your eye. From time to time :

  1. Explore Arts you don’t know
  2. Stay away from mainstream entertainment
  3. Be autonomous in your search
  4. Stop “reacting” to medias all the time
  5. Let your “cultural comfort zone” behind
  6. Study and draw maps about what you’ll explore
  7. Draw your own path
  8. Try adult things


– Yes, but I wanna watch Thor!
– OK, but tomorrow, it’s Tarkovky.
– Okey! Can we read some Garfield in bed?
– Nope : we go on with this Manet biography.
– Pffffffffff…

(Yes, it was a dialog between me and myself. Yes I watched Thor yesterday, and Stalker today. So there!)


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STALKER is a treasure: an invitation to go on a mental ride with a poet and philosopher. A film that makes you wonder more about yourself yet without making you anxious. The few existing films like STALKER are the reason why cinema is called “art”! (IMDB comment)



List of Sorts of Blog Articles

As I wrote some days ago a “too long, faltering, toomanyideas-ed article”, I trashed it, but found out that I could make a list. A list of “sorts of articles”.

I have to repeat this before : when you write daily, your brain is like “placing itself”, all alone, in another place. It can be a garden of your teenage years, a classroom, inside a car, on a beach, in a forest. Many people confirmed it to me. As for myself, I write all my articles from a porch in Santa Rosa. I see it, I feel it, I know the house next to it, I love the light, the wood, the grass, the flowers, the lamps, the mood, the sky. Everything I write in this blog were written from this place. I’ve never been there, though… It’s pure imagination.


What is your own list? Mine is :

  • Quote
  • Image(s)
  • Report about something you saw (a concert, an event)
  • Explanation of a concept you love (from years ago, or discovered in a book)
  • How you’re fascinated by (another country, a music genre, etc)
  • A memory
  • Tips
  • A rush of an intimate question
  • Presenting & sharing something you know pretty well
  • Exploring many ways to ask a question
  • Presenting someone else’s work (a photographer, a poet)
  • Complain
  • A code
  • Incitement
  • A little of random things (chronicle)
  • A little lecture
  • Criticism
  • A way to decorticate what happened to understand
  • Presentation of an ideal
  • Comparison
  • Mapping a flaw
  • Finding why
  • Telling you found a good door
  • Telling a struggle
  • Trying to find out if it’s interesting for others
  • A recipe


What would you have to map your blog? To divide in categories? To invent another blog? To focus on certain things? To cut others? To accept you’re constantly random? To accept your work has many facets?


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