Some Pictures on my Phone…

I had the idea of posting here a dozen pictures I have on my phone. I chose them tonight.

A letter from a friend I wrote hundreds of “real letters” almost 30 years ago. I miss her. I don’t find her. I’m afraid she’s dead today. Life is terribly short…

Like cat the wind turn in the deep of you
Rummages the transparent net of
Puts down silky paw on your

Belfort, a city I didn’t know, in the East of France. I spent hours alone walking into this city. Taking pictures. Breathing. Watching people. The woman I love lives in this city. When she was working, I explored the streets alone or read in parks, near this river, La Savoureuse (The Delicious). Then waiting for her with flowers, after my walks…

A picture of a roof I posted on Instagram. Which became the most liked picture of my Instagram EVER. Why?

Books I bought there, in a huge second hand festival. It was hot. I was happy and tired. The best beer of my all life. Really!

Trees in autumn in the North of France. Le Parc des Géants.

Christmas in Lille (it’s in North of France) and its Ferris Wheel.

The snow, the mist, the weather through the window, from my bed. The lamp in the reflection says all : being quiet in a warm blanket and a book when it snows

My street in the raking light of winter.

The joy of finding a red reflection on a wall. Instagrammer’s mood : “Ohhhhh”.

My old diabeted cat Bidou in the sun on my knees in my kitchen.

Three books to explore : opera, jazz, painting. Three geniuses.

Three old pictures of my eldest girl, and the happiness. The past as a treasure, always.

Have a nice day!














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