Is there a balance between good and bad in one’s life?

My daughter was a bit worried today.

She said to me that her day was too great. “It’s abnormal”, she said : “Something bad will happen – probably.”

Happily we ate good food, made some crepes, and it’s been a really happy day!


We’ve all been there, right? This feeling…

Everything’s fine. Therefore something wrong will happen.


We had a good talk about it. It lead to the idea of an ideal balance in life. Justice.

It’s probably not fair, but there is not (balance). Or justice.

Some days are bad. Some are great! Sometimes we have power on this. Sometimes we have not.

Then you think about another balance : between what you master and what you don’t.

Then you think about Marcus Aurelius, who choose to worry about wh he CAN do. The rest, you have to Amor Fati, “Love what happens”. Acceptance, etc.

This is for masters, right?

You can also pray, or imagine a lucky charm can be useful, but well…


Multiples balances. Decisions and letgoes. Ohlalaaa…

Let’s drown into Royksopp, or open a classic, or have a conversation and split a bottle of wine, OK?


Have a nice day!


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