#Insects are like little guys in #Macrophotography, Part 2

Hi everyone. Here are 12 guys I photographed in 2006 in the north of France, with my old SX10 Canon. No retouch at all, but reframing. I’m an amateur!

Insects photography has always been a pleasure for me. It’s really like staying a child. It’s a “Oh, look!” non-professional state of mind I really like to live. It’s like sparkling jungle life in a modest little nature (no danger, no tropical proliferation here) near the sea. Gardens. Woods. These little persons are living their life…

Thanks for reading/watching!


One thought on “#Insects are like little guys in #Macrophotography, Part 2

  1. pramegha April 8, 2018 / 5:01 pm

    Those are some great pics!
    I loved the dragonfly and butterfly especially 🌸🌸

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