The highest state of the Method is a Principle : Chronicle 36

The highest state of the Method is a Principle. I don’t know what this means, but well, it triggers a pattern digging. What are other “Highest States”? You see what I mean? Of course you see…

Take a tree, or the sun. Make it a symbol, OK? What is between “a tree” and “a symbol of a tree”?


Valentine’s Day is a bit special to me. For years I’ve been like these people who say “I don’t need to be ordered – on a special day – to offer a present or flowers to my lover”. The cattle thing is always a bit frightening. “Obey”. I keep this for other days…

One V-Day, also… Forget it. Thus & since, V-Days, well, really : no. Other days, OK?


Cut flowers are dying, right? Then they are on slow drip in a vase. A bunch of tulips is an agony.

Plus “Awwweeeee…”


“This author? I have everything”. Or almost.

Thomas Bernhard, Ernst Jünger, Paul Valéry, Anton Chekhov for me.

Ask the question, the answers says something about the reader.


When you dislike an artist but keep exploring his/her career to find out why everybody loves that. The “despite”.


Wikipedia : “In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being that is magically created entirely from inanimate matter (specifically clay or mud)”.

Aren’t we all Golem Makers?

“Writing for someone” is a good example. We write “in front of someone”, an audience, a nonexisting person made of clay, our “imaginary reader”.


A symbol has a special power of impact/effect, right? There’s magic, here?

Is a symbol an image?


What is a thinker who can not exert on anything?


Can we imagine without images?

Can we imagine without words?

“The imaginary fashions Golems…”

Have a nice day!



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