List of Sorts of Blog Articles

As I wrote some days ago a “too long, faltering, toomanyideas-ed article”, I trashed it, but found out that I could make a list. A list of “sorts of articles”.

I have to repeat this before : when you write daily, your brain is like “placing itself”, all alone, in another place. It can be a garden of your teenage years, a classroom, inside a car, on a beach, in a forest. Many people confirmed it to me. As for myself, I write all my articles from a porch in Santa Rosa. I see it, I feel it, I know the house next to it, I love the light, the wood, the grass, the flowers, the lamps, the mood, the sky. Everything I write in this blog were written from this place. I’ve never been there, though… It’s pure imagination.


What is your own list? Mine is :

  • Quote
  • Image(s)
  • Report about something you saw (a concert, an event)
  • Explanation of a concept you love (from years ago, or discovered in a book)
  • How you’re fascinated by (another country, a music genre, etc)
  • A memory
  • Tips
  • A rush of an intimate question
  • Presenting & sharing something you know pretty well
  • Exploring many ways to ask a question
  • Presenting someone else’s work (a photographer, a poet)
  • Complain
  • A code
  • Incitement
  • A little of random things (chronicle)
  • A little lecture
  • Criticism
  • A way to decorticate what happened to understand
  • Presentation of an ideal
  • Comparison
  • Mapping a flaw
  • Finding why
  • Telling you found a good door
  • Telling a struggle
  • Trying to find out if it’s interesting for others
  • A recipe


What would you have to map your blog? To divide in categories? To invent another blog? To focus on certain things? To cut others? To accept you’re constantly random? To accept your work has many facets?


Thanks for reading!



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