The desire to let go to tenderness: Chronicle 37

Some people really think their opinion IS reality.
Watch them jump when you tell them “Well, that’s an opinion!”



When you don’t know what to do… You do nothing? Why and what for? To watch? To let others or events decide for you?

Or do you try something anything, just to activate something?

What is smart?


Reading about Manet showed me this pair of Types :

  1. The one who invents, initiates a revolution, but people laugh and don’t understand. Too much advanced.
  2. The one who takes the elements he could use, tamed and injected into mainstream, and is successful.

Guess who’s making the more money, and guess who will be forgotten soon?


When you think too much you have to find a way to bypass your exhausting brain. Everything linked to music seems to work (listening, concert, dancing). What else? A good conversation? Alcohol? Sleeping?


What you don’t understand, you make fun of it, or you try to understand it?


Show what I am made of – while writing.

Almost all my blog posts say something which is not said.


In The Rite, an Ingmar Bergman movie, I found :

“You probably have a weakness, a desire to let go to tenderness”


Many beautiful faces are based on this secret : asymmetry.


“Remettre les choses à leur place” : To put things back where they belong.

Interesting stuff. Could be an article. Find the wrongness of it, of course. Develop in “When we think wrong”. Conservatism. Etc.


Sacrilege as the passage of a boundary. Develop.


The weak analogical thinking : “It makes me think of“. Show how it’s insufficient and inadequate.


When people say you’re ignorant and you did it on purpose.


You can analyze any speech, but it’s more difficult to analyze silence.


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