The tale of us falling off horse

Hi sorry L&G my French is a wind it blows into my English I need more coffee.

There’s this little tale who says that if you fall off your horse it makes sense : who knows where your horse would have taken you?

Then you think you might have made in on purpose… without knowing it. Your unconsciousness did it.

“Why did you do that, silly?”

Maybe it was the wrong horse
or maybe the good horse going too fast/slow
or maybe going along an unknown and frightening path…

Maybe also you were on your high horse and an invisible hand pushed you out off from it. So there! Bim! Bien fait!

I think that when we metaphorically fall off horse (we’re hurt we don’t know what to do anymore we’re slow) we made in on purpose.

Owner inner guts felt something – and said stop. STOP JFTC!

We put ourselves in blocked or slowed situation just to protect ourselves.

Then we talk about Amor Fati…

You got ill or you unconsciously provoked your accident to prevent something you were afraid of?

Or nope, “it was complete random”.

But it’s better to think it’s not, right? It’s something strange to imagine your guts did it for you, to slow you down, to prevent us from… acting.

At 16 I got a disease which harmed my heart, my kidneys, and blocked me from society for at least 6 months…

Allez. Go climb back on your horseback. If it’s around.

If it’s galloping in the far, go by walk, buy a car, find another horse, steal one, or sit your arse in front of the mountain, the sunrise comes it’s orange.

Sing, and listen to winds…

Have a nice day!


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