Ruling it out – a quickquirk poem

We learn “the other” like a foreign language

Like we learn how to read

In case of passion the travel is long

The stages quirky, out of the ordinary, et insolite

The length of time function of the curiosity


Musicians do their sound

Whatever the instrument :

This sound is in their head


Should you be happy of what you predicted?


No suffering in any relationship

What do you reproach suffering for

Ruling it out –

– Que reprochez-vous à la souffrance pour rêver de l’exclure ?


Our prison is an illusion

Walls are there, but they don’t close

We can peel our nose and eye off the wall

And walk along along along

It is only a labyrinth


Like we learn how to read, comme on apprend à lire

– Shh shh tout va bien se passer



Instagram : joelriff

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