Influence in Art : Simple Formal Crutch, or Genuine Semantic Relaunch?

Simple formal crutch, or genuine semantic relaunch?

The idea of influence is intriguing. Nothing comes from the magic void of inspiration. Every artist have a past, a childhood, artists he loves or hates. Every artist borrows, continuously. They swallow and it gives something else.

Like drawing water from the river of what’s around.

This being said, it gives us many dials, many needles to watch, from zero (plagiarism or copy) to the most subtle influences (and many of them are even unconscious), from a simple borrowing (the formal crutch) to the semantic whole relaunch.

Plagiarism is just boring and dishonest, but when you watch the greatest artists and how they deal with influence, it’s thinker’s delight…

Simple Formal Crutches

  1. An idea as a seed
  2. Randomly found or methodically
  3. A start, like the grain of sand to make a pearl in the shell
  4. A winking eye knack for the public
  5. An homage to the old artist
  6. A casual drawing, “I pick up anywhere if I like it”
  7. Penny dropping

Genuine Semantic Relaunches

  1. After a revelation, from a masterpiece
  2. As a will to extend a territory, to make things move forward
  3. Discovery of a style, a whole area unknown before
  4. Etc

It’s not that simple, obviously : a little borrowing, a little seed can turns out to be the beginning of a clicking huge transformation…

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