Passages, Modulations, Transitions

I love Bertrand Tavernier, a French movie director. One day, as I was watching a movie, something bothered me – but I didn’t find what it was. Then I found.


Movies are made of scenes, and this guy – within many other qualities – knew pretty smartly how to pass from a scene to another. It was so cleverly done!

Paul Valéry says that passages and modulations are the most subtle and fine and sharp secrets the of Arts.

Then he give examples from mother nature, a river, a stem, openings, mountings : there are thousands of types of transitions in nature and life, and it’s most of the time near to perfection.

You see me coming, right?

One could be interested in the “entre-deux”, the “between two”, the middle, the in-between. Studying transitions is another thing. It’s about the movement, choices maybe, combination, says Valéry, of action and matter.

I agree : talent for transitions is one very subtle secret of any art.

Where to apply this? Novels, poetry and writing? Modulations and other changes in music? Life (where to?)? If you work on a project (marketing, teaching, traveling), do you think about transitions?

  • Link? Plug? What else?
  • Split in two?
  • You’re a teacher : where and what kind of transitions do you see?

Mhhh next time I’ll talk about EMERGENCE.

Have a nice day!


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